County Durham Citizens Forum

on the Climate Emergency



What: Climate Action Durham is preparing to host the first ever Citizens Forum to discuss the Durham County Council’s Climate Emergency Response Plan 2. 

Why: We believe that it is crucial for residents to learn about the County Council’s plans, be able to ask questions, and to comment and discuss. 

When: The event will take place on Tuesday 5th July at 7:30pm in the Town Hall Durham City; after the plan will have (hopefully) approved by the Council's cabinet on 15th June.

Format of the evening's discussions

7.00 Welcome - Richard Lilly Climate Action Durham

7.05 Presentation - Cllr. Mark Wilkes followed by Alan Patrickson highlighting themes and actions in Plan

7.45 Breakout groups

1. Decarbonisation of heat and electricity

2. Transport/connectivity

3. Waste, Procurement, Food Production, Natural Environment

4. Engagement, Education, Behavioural Change.

8.30 Plenury:


Brief feedback from each group

Any outstanding questions.

Next Steps: Richard Lilly & Cllr. Mark Wilkes:

8.45 Close - Richard Lilly


This forum is aimed at anyone who feels strongly about the climate emergency that we are all facing, and would like to be involved in the local response to it. It is designed to be approached in a spirit of cooperation so that we both help and advise the council in their implementation, and also hold them to account on delivery. 

The document will be available to read on the council's website - cabinet papers a week before the 15th June, so please read if you can and come to the workshop that most interests you with ideas to help achieve their stated aims.