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Who We Are

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Climate Action Durham is a group of residents in Durham, UK who share a concern for the global climate and economic emergencies and who believe that coming together in local action to tackle them has to be part of the solution. Our objectives are to;

1.  Promote practical responses and behavioural change in Durham and the North East of England to combat the climate and ecological emergencies.

2.  Further the exchange of information, advice and knowledge relevant to objective 1.

3.  Support the development of a wide and diverse network of organisations, groups and individuals in support of objective 1.

our Priorities

Transport & Travel


Community Empowerment


Waste Reduction

More sustainable and less polluting

Reduce use, increase green energy and improve home insulation

To encourage people to think about how best to make their local community greener, more sustainable, ecologically friendly and a better place to live for themselves and their families


Of both food and stuff.  Aim for an end to a throwaway society

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