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Proposal: A Climate Emergency Centre for Durham

Project brief:

Background: The Climate Emergency Centres (CEC) project creates self-funding centres that bring together an alliance of diverse groups and individuals in the local community to build solutions, relationships and resilience in the face of the Climate Emergency. Each CEC is autonomous and is supported by a growing national network of CECs.

CECs are:

  1. Solutions focused - for people and planet

  2. Local and inclusive - focused on meeting community needs

  3. Part of a wider network - for mutual support and cooperation

For more information on the general idea of CECs, click here.

A CEC in Durham would aim to build local alliances and bring together a coalition of groups and projects, many exist but are not well connected. Cooperation between these groups would build relationships in a common space, sharing resources, skills and ideas to build community resilience and adaptation to the multiple social and environmental challenges that lie ahead.

The space would be used to engage people through activities; exhibitions, events, talks, group sessions eg how to make a circular economy cool J, play and more. It would be a place for public engagement, as well as for strategic workshops and collective planning.

Would you like to help develop a space that changes Durham for the better?  

Your involvement could be putting up a poster about your work, running workshops and events or helping co-manage the centre’s programme of events and being an integral member of the team.

It is hoped that we can work in partnership with Durham County Council and support them in delivering their Climate Emergency Response Plan, more specifically to assist in their community engagement obligation

Please email if you would like to be involved in this.

Fresk Educational Workshop

52 people attended our Fresk workshops between May 2022 and July 2023. Nine sessions took place in various locations around Durham.


To book for upcoming sessions, see here.

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