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Climate Fresk educational workshop

As facilitators we are conscious that being faced with the reality of the issue can be concerning, or even frightening, and we are careful to leave participants with the sense that, while the situation is urgent, we all have a part to play. Our experience is that participants are energised and motivated and see that they can do something to be part of the solution. The workshop also builds relationships among group members. 

The tool uses a sequence of 42 cards which promote discussion and collaboration among participants, as the group creates a unique layout of causes, consequences, links and feedback loops. By the end of the session participants have covered key facts about the science of climate change and seen the way in which its elements relate to each other.  

This 3 minute video shows how it works.

The Durham Fresk Facilitators have added a second element to the workshop. In this part we start to explore locally relevant solutions, individually and collectively.  

Each workshop takes 2.5 hours (including a short refreshment break).


Currently a Climate Fresk is running on the first Wednesday of the month 6.15-9pm in Claypath Deli. DCC staff, volunteers, and members of the public are welcome to book a place online here

Sign up here for one of our autumn 2023 sessions

  • 6th September

  • 4th October

  • 1st November


Climate Fresk is an engaging, educational Climate Workshop, open to anyone who wants a better grasp of what climate change is.   

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