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COP 26 Event 2021

On Saturday 6th November 2021 Climate Action Durham organised an event enabling all residents of Durham to add their voices to calls for world leaders at the climate summit in Glasgow to take the actions needed to hold the rise in global temperatures to 1.5C. The event, attended by approx 500 people comprised a demonstration and speeches on the market place, panel discussions by experts and 6th Form students and a climate action fair.

Hundreds gathered in the Market Place for a festival of drumming, dancing, singing and speeches to make the point to world leaders at COP 26 that people demand climate action now. Speakers included Durham city MP Mary Foy and Durham County Councillor Jonathan Elmer, amongst others.

Climate scientists from Durham University and the Durham Energy Institute discussed a wide range of issues including changes to the Earth's atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere and responses such as decarbonising , up cycling and low carbon energy systems.

St Nicholas' church hosted the Climate Action Fair which enabled local businesses, Charities and activists to showcase their work and enable them to network amongst each other. Over 400 visitors learned about these concrete opportunities to actively contribute to climate action.

The event surpassed our expectations in all respects as we reached and inspired more people than we'd dare to hope, offering them more ways to join the climate action movement and inspiring them to make their lifestyles more sustainable!

Air Quality


We are concerned that although parts of Durham city have been declared an Air Quality Management Area in 2011, remedial action has not been fast and effective enough - as residents and parents, we can smell that the air we breathe along Durham city's main traffic arteries is bad. We have called for a county-wide Transport Master Plan because we know that proactive and integrated thinking is required to reverse the rise of the private car at the expense of the climate-friendly alternatives of public transport, walking and cycling.

Active Travel


We are committed to Active Travel as a solution to a number of problems. Reducing our dependence on cars, increasing walking and cycling, use of public transport is known to deliver health and environmental benefits.

We work with numerous individuals and groups who have successfully challenged the inclusion of the Western and Northern Relief Roads in the County Durham Plan. With SPACE for Durham (Safe Pedestrian and Cycling Environment) and resident's associations, we are lobbying for faster and more extensive development of active travel infrastructure in Durham city than is currently foreseen in the County Council's Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIP's).