Climate Action Durham

Encouraging participation by the whole community in actively reducing the carbon footprint of Durham City


What we do

Raising awareness of the importance of the Climate Emergency

We acknowledge and welcome Durham City Council's declaration of Climate Emergency. In support of this we want to see the introduction of a target of net zero emissions by 2030, in compliance with the target set by Durham City Parish Council.
We include the Friends of the Earth Climate Emergency Action Plan.


Our objectives

Promote active response to the Climate Emergency

Encouraging local people and students to work together irrespective of age, sex, ethnicity, ability, religion or political views.

Support the development of a transport master plan in Durham which aims to integrate all aspects of travel in Durham and reduce reliance on private car use.

Climate Action Durham are actively engaged with Durham County Council to suggest ways to implement the Government's requirements to introduce cycling and walking friendly routes in the light of post Covid-19 social distancing rules, and using promised government grant money.

This is the first and initial stage to promote sustainable transport in Co. Durham.

The second is a call for a sustainable Transport Master Plan for Durham which will be long lasting and aims to reclaim the streets and reverse the primacy of the motor car. This follows what many cities are doing and will be essential if we are to reduce our carbon emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change.

We are wanting to gather a groundswell of support for this and are asking for any and everyone to sign the petition which is hosted by Action Network in connection with Friends of the Earth to support the development of this transport masterplan; in particularly this is designed to be a collaborative approach rather than confrontational one, as we all have to own this.


Our first Durham Green Travel Day in April has fallen victim to the Coronavirus crisis

Watch this space for an update on our next planned day


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