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Petition for Sustainable Housing
on Sniperley Park, Durham

14% of carbon emissions in England come from heating our homes.


To help achieve net zero by 2050 it is critical that all new houses have sustainability and renewable, low carbon heating built in from the start.


Sniperley Park development in Durham for 1700 houses is finalising a County Council masterplan that requires these standards, but there is a risk that it could be watered down by the building developers.  Fitting these later to reduce carbon emissions to zero, will be costly, difficult and disruptive.


Climate Action Durham asks you to support a petition to the council to insist on these standards   





It would be crazy and against all climate change science and common sense to carry on building houses which are poorly insulated and still rely on gas boilers for heating in 2022.


As Durham County Council has declared its ambition to be carbon neutral by 2050, and with the current high fuel prices unlikely to fall significantly, it seems a no-brainer to build carbon neutral homes with low heating costs.

We need to insist on this


This could be the start of making Durham a greener, cleaner and cheaper place to live.

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